The Armada JJ.  Could there be a more universally kick ass ski in existence?  We say nay.  That's why for the next 2 weeks we have priced the JJ and the VJJ to give you no reason not to snap up a pair!  So up until February 14th we have the JJ and VJJ marked down from $724.99 to $624.99!  Heck, get your loved one a pair for Valentines day!  Double Heck, get a pair for both of you!


CHECK OUT THE VJJ HERE (It's the Ladies ski, don't worry) 

PS - If you purchased a pair of 2013 JJ's or VJJ's in the last 30 days (On or after DEC 30) drop by the shop with your receipt and we will give you a store credit for the difference you paid to the sale price.  That's only fair.