15 Question with a Fernie Mountain Biker

1)Whats your Name?

My name is Paul Angelo Genovese


2)How long have you been riding for?

I have been riding bike since I was 4 years old, and I have been on a mountain bike since I was 8.


3)What was your first bike?

My first mountain bike was an army green 2005 Norco Wolverine, it had only a front disc brake and about 3 roach pads.


4)Current main bike set up?

The bike I am running currently is a 2012 Banshee Rampant, SRAM drivetrain with X-fusion suspension and Chromag bars/stem/seat.


5)How many times do you ride per week?

I would say I get out and ride at least 5 or 6 days a week, even if it's just a mellow cruise through the jumps or a few DH laps. I try to ride everyday but the weather likes to think different.


6)Does your significant other know you ride?

My significant other definitely knows that I ride because I am gone for weeks at a time on riding trips, which I know she isn't exactly excited about. She also shreds a dirt jump bike too!


7)List your top three favourite trails in Fernie?

My top 3 favourite trails in Fernie would have to be:

1st-48 hours

2nd-Erics Trip

3rd-Brads gay trail

8)Have you ever woken up behind the Brick House after a ride?

I cannot say that I have ever woken up behind the brick house, maybe If I was of age this question would make more sense.

9)Describe how the riding in Fernie has changed in the last 5 years?

The riding has changed a ton in the last 5 years here in town. More people are riding now, and it seems more all-mountain oriented than the past. I have also seen a growth in shuttle trails which is perfect for lazy people like myself. The youth dirt jump and skate park scene has been steady on the rise as well.

10)Are there any upcoming events that you are participating in?

Yes I am currently in the middle of a 4 week trip in which I have hit up Claymore challenge in New Hampshire USA, and the Colorado Freeride Festival in Winterpark Colorado, and tomorrow I am off to Bearclaw Invitational on Vancouver Island.

11)When I am not Mountain Biking, I am (Finish the sentence)

When I am not mountain biking I am either sleeping or delivering pizza, possibly playing Xbox as well.

12)Favourite apres ride meal?

My favouritee apres riding meal would be a cold redbull and a steak. Can't go wrong with that!

13)If one song could be your mountain bike anthem, what would it be?

If I had to pick one song to be my anthem I would pick Sprawl 2 by Arcade Fire.

14)Whats the most important thing you take with you on a ride?

One thing I always take with me on a ride is my cell phone, just in case I ever need to get me or my friends out of a sticky situation!

15)Have you ever had Swine Flu?

No I have never had swine flu, or ridden the trail. I tend to stick around at the dirt jumps for the most part haha.


Any last words ?

I would like to thank all my sponsors

(Banshee, Chromag,X-fusion,Fox). And also a huge thanks to all the guys at Straight Line in town for the amazing hook-ups and service!! Thanks to my brother Nic Genovese and parents for all the help over the years.