1)Whats your Name?

Serge Chiasson

2)How long have you been riding for?

I've been riding since 1995 so 17 years

3)What was your first bike?

My first bike was a Concorde comp. It had rock shox and toe clips. I bought it in Banff as soon as I had saved enough money washing dishes.

4)Current main bike set up?

My current bike is a Giant anthem X 29r. My Tour divide bike was a Giant XTC carbon hard tail frame with all the parts from the Anthem.

5)How many times do you ride per week?

I ride about 5 times per week

6)Does your significant other know you ride?

I am lucky enough to have a wife that also loves biking. But she has told me once that I ride too much.

7)List your top three favourite trails in Fernie?

Hypervent is a great all around day to day trail. The Cedar Valley Rail trail to Iron pass and the North Baldy singletrack is a pretty good ride. The Cedar Valley singletracks to Heiko's is probably my favorite but it can be a hike a bike hellride so I only get to ride it once or twice a year.

8)Have you ever woken up behind the Brick House after a ride?

I do ride a lot in the evenings, but I am not that comfortable going to the bar in my spandex.

9)Describe how the riding in Fernie has changed in the last 5 years?

The riding in Fernie and the 'scene' has grown by leaps and bounds. The quality of the trails is excellent. The bike club and the trails alliance have gotten stronger and have done great work to improve and maintain the trail system. 10 years ago when I was a downhiller we thought we were cursed because we didn't have roads to build shuttling trails, but this is probably the reason we now have such great singletrack climbs.

10)Are there any upcoming events that you are participating in?

I'll be riding the Highroller which is one of the funnest cycling event's anywhere. I'lll also be racing the 6 in the Styx in Cranbrook in October.

11)When I am not Mountain Biking, I am (Finish the sentence)

When I am not riding I am working or spending time with my family. preferably the latter.

12)Favorite après ride meal?

Well a tall glass of Hammer recoverite of course. If it's been a really really really big ride I like a bacon cheeseburger with a poutine and a milkshake.

13)If one song could be your mountain bike anthem, what would it be?

My Tour divide theme song was Ride this out by Imaginary cities

14)What's the most important thing you take with you on a ride?

The simple answer would be my helmet. The philosophical answer would be a positive attitude.

15)Have you ever had Swine Flu?

I think I did get swine flu pretty early on before they knew what it was. Me and most of my friends all got sicker than we'd ever been in our lives.

Any last words?

Mountain biking is really a sport for people of all ages. It's an activity you can do for most of your life. It keeps me in pretty good shape and most of the time it doesn't feel like exercise. Every year is better than the last.