1. What's your name?

Derick Berry

2. How long have you been riding for?

Bikes? Since I was 3, the mean streets of Edmonton have miles of black skid marks, floppy hockey cards from my spokes and 5 of my best friends who let me jump them on my gas tank bike to prove it!! Ahhh but you mean “real” mountain biking… Over ten years now. It was a comical start to biking for me though I must say the outcome has been damn fun.

3. What was your first bike?

A tech I believe. Plastic peddles, fully ridged at least 400lbs and it was only a lender from my buddy Paul Chow. My favourite bike was a Pro-Flex I bought that is still seen around town today! Only bike in Fernie with sex-laced spokes!

4. Current main bike(s) set up?

29r Tall Boy Carbon XX. It’s a cheater bike for sure and the lightest one so far at just over 25lbs. Took time to get use too and still not sure I’m a 29r but learning to love it. Worst part is I have no bike excuses in races.

5. How many times do you ride per week?

Varies for sure, winter… 2-4 times a week on my Pugsley if weather permits. Spring and when we go south… a lot, like, well, a lot. Summer… it appears I have a thing for injuries so… 1-5 times all depends on my body and how much time I get to water ski. 

6. Does your significant other know you ride?

Ohhhhhhh ya she knows. Not much in my life she doesn’t know including the money spent on bikes and gear. Lucky for me we ride the same frame size so we (I) can swap bikes. She’s the one who allows me to ride so much truth be told, she’s my biggest fan  When I go ride for a few hours on my own she’s towing both kids in the chariot (like 60lbs for sure) up and over river road over and over. She’s as strong as they get.

7. List your top three favourite trails in Fernie?

You would think that’s easy. Honestly the last year in particular I ride a lot alone and some rides are better with and without company. So… by myself… Hypervent, Swine Flu and Big Money (that’s my fitness tester). I should mention that Krista also got me into riding Bear Chutes this spring. Fun fun fun. With Friends… Anything really but in particular Ridgemont, anything off of Gorby and Project 9 area.

8. Have you ever woken up behind the Brick House after a ride?

Oh snap ya I did! OMG, what a night! It all started when me and the boys came back from a ride, they were all mouthing off about how they saw some guy do this trick off the wall with his front tire, and well one thing lead to another, there was this dare and I was like “oh ya” so they double dog dared me and like you can’t just back down from moments like that and I didn’t have a helmet so I line up and, and…. no wait… does a dream count?? (Sucked you in didn’t I)

9. Describe how the riding in Fernie has changed in the last 5 years?

Well total size and quantities of trails is obvious for sure. It’s amazing what all the trail builders have done over the years. The most impactful is the past 2 years I think where we have been forced to control some of the trails and their use. Fernie has become a MB destination and the volume of people using then is incredible and only growing. Now one weekend can impact the trails more than an entire summer use to. HUGE thanks to all the blood sweat and tears the trail volunteers have put in that’s for sure. Nice to see so many people enjoying the love of Fernie trails and such a great sport.

10. Are there any upcoming events that you are participating in?

I just cleared my summer schedule as I need to recover my knee after Spokane. But… feeling good and I have my eye on a couple fall events possibly. We’ll see. I’m trying to be smart as I have plans for something bigger next spring/summer.

11. When I am not Mountain Biking, I am (Finish the sentence)...

I’m riding with my wife, my 1 year old Daughter in the green bucket while watching my 3 year old son rip on his peddle bike grinning with pride ear to ear.

12. Favourite après ride meal?

Often I ride early mornings so just coffee but evening rides with the boys follows up with wings and beer at the Northern. Need to do more of that actually.

13. If one song could be your mountain bike anthem, what would it be?

Well unfortunately there is one song I can’t say as it’s far too embarrassing but it does keep me focused when training. However, I can tell you I am ecliptic and I have no playlist, just all my music on shuffle. Anyone who knows me knows my music is heavily weighted with Metallica! I do love riding to Linkin Park’s “bleed it out” great song to rock a downhill.

14. What's the most important thing you take with you on a ride?

I used to pack everything and the kitchen sink to be safe and sure, now I pack absolutely the minimum. For me it’s what I leave behind that’s most important, (stupid sounding yes yes I know) I leave all the crap from the day that would interfere with having a good ride. (yes, again corny I know but so the truth)

15. Have you ever had Swine Flu?

Sat here blank for a few minutes trying to be witty… failed miserably.

Any last words?

Mountain biking has become a very personal thing for me over the past couple years. I never used to ride alone and now it’s something I really cherish. I have really grown to love the sense of adventure I feel when I ride alone, somewhere new and find myself gone for hours and hours at a time completely self-sufficient. (Let’s keep this in perspective people; I’m not talking Tour Divide stuff) I find the bigger, the badder, the further, the longer the adventure the less I find myself tired or concerned about when I get back. I more than not come back wanting more and have a huge smile on my face and babble on and on to Heidi about how great the ride was. Not to mention there is no hiding from your thoughts out there and you learn to self-motivate which has a great return when you need it most! I’m not the fastest nor strongest rider but the time on my bike makes me one of the happiest when I’m out there and that does make you faster. Competing in races and challenges are great motivators but honestly it’s the new adventures that I think kick ass! Besides, I’ll be in my 60’s when my kids are done school and biking keeps me healthy and strong for them and it’s just a few years away when my kids will be leaving me in the dust.