15 Question with a Fernie Mountain Biker

  1. What's your name?

    Krista Turcasso

  2. How long have you been riding for? 

    Well, I was first coerced into going for a ride nearly 12 years ago but was far from successful (also known as "scared shitless"). It took a lovely group of women riders to get me back out there when I moved back home six years ago. So, six years!

  3. What was your first bike?

    A Brodie Bruzza. Yes, that's a dirt jump bike. I was a bit naive.

  4. Current main bike(s) set up?

    Giant XTC 29er, which makes me appreciate the rear shock in my Trance!

  5. How many times do you ride per week? 

    Right now? Six!

  6. Does your significant other know you ride? 

    I'm guessing the quiver of bikes taking over his shed space isn't going unnoticed.

  7. List your top three favorite trails in Fernie? 

    This probably changes every couple of weeks. Currently, I'm really enjoying New Goat, Verboten and Project 9 for descents. When it comes to climbs, I like shady technical trails - Phat Bastard, Eric's Trail, Old Goat...

  8. Have you ever woken up behind the Brick House after a ride? 

    No, and I'm curious to discover if others have! I ride earlier in the day, but if Big Bang had beer I might be in trouble.

  9. Describe how the riding in Fernie has changed in the last 5 years? 

    The trail network has grown substantially, filling the already amazing spectrum of trails with smooth, flowly intermediate options. Information has been made easily available through the formation of organizations, trail maps and guides, websites, and signage. Hard working volunteers are working towards making this valuable resource legitimate through land use agreements. I could go on and on. It's been amazing.

  10. Are there any upcoming events that you are participating in? 

    Hoping the TransRockies, just coming off an injury. Then the Bow 80 this September. And of course co-organizing the third annual Tears and Gears!

  11. When I am not Mountain Biking, I am (Finish the sentence)... 

    ...annoying my friends and family by talking about mountain biking, or writing about mountain biking in the Fix!

  12. Favorite après ride meal? 

    Big Bang Bagel - in particular the tuna melt. I also crave veggie burgers and fries or salt and vinegar chips.

  13. If one song could be your mountain bike anthem, what would it be? 

    During the TransRockies last year (and every year) they play "Highway to Hell" as the last minutes tick down before the start. I hated it, and decided that I would hum Queen's "I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle" to drown out the notion of impending hell.

  14. What's the most important thing you take with you on a ride? 

    A playlist, to avoid "Bicycle, Bicycle" playing on repeat in my head!

  15. Have you ever had Swine Flu? 

    I'm not sure, but I was stuck in Mexico during the Swine Flu outbreak!

Any last words? There is so much more to mountain biking than exercise and adrenaline. I love it because it has changed me and allows me to grow and change regularly. I love it because it's my meditation and helps me to find mental clarity. I love it because every ride challenges me and takes me places I've never been in all of my 18 years growing up in Fernie. I love it because it has allowed me to meet amazing people and feel connected to an avid and supportive group of riders in Fernie. And I love it because of the positive impact it has had on our community - not only are our summers busier than ever, residents of all ages are out there giving it a go and realizing these benefits and more.