A Brief Ode To The Blur TRc

The TRc is proving to be a sleeper of a bike. Those that get it, get it. Those that don’t wonder if it is some sort of bicycle version of the platypus. How come it’s so light, and so slack? Is it an XC bike? A trail bike? Some sort of messed up slalom bike? An XC geeks big terrain bike? A downhiller’s XC rig? What the hell are you trying to do to us, Santa Cruz? Stop being so confusing! Take your stinking paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

Oh, wait. That last sentence snuck in there. We’re not apes. At least, not in the Charlton Heston sense of the word. Anyway, the TRc, it’s awesome. In the pic above, you can see a decapitated Josh Bryceland railing his TRc at the Sea Otter dual slalom. All the Syndicate boys, and the Fourth Musketeer, C of the G, chose to race TRc’s in the slalom there. Meanwhile, the week before that, some local powerhouses were proving that the trusty TRc was a mighty good choice for Enduro racing.

1st and 2nd in the dude category at the Bell Super-Enduro, 1st and 3rd in the dudettes. Pretty damn good show there. It’s a mighty versatile bike. That’s all we’re trying to say. We’ve been standing so hard on the wagon wheel gas pedal this year, what with 4 new 29ers hitting the trails, that sometimes we tend to lose perspective. Meanwhile, people are out there railing the hell out of everywhere on the TRc. What exactly is it? Rad. That’s what it is. Totally rad.