The ARG has been reinvented and come to the world under the moniker “BUBBA.” The BUBBA is the widest ski in Armada‟s line designed for bottomless powder typically found while heli and cat skiing. The BUBBA boasts more effective edge and a friendlier side-cut design than the ARG, but same effortless floatation, easy pivot, and unmatched planning.

168cm: 125/140/122/129/119 (19m)
178cm: 130/145/127/134/124 (20m)
188cm: 135/150/132/139/129 (21m)
*The 168cm WILL NOT be available for the pre-release.

Straight Line will have a very limited supply showing up towards the new year.  Give us a shout (250-423-3532) or email  if you would like a pair, or have any more questions.