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4FRNT Hoji and Hoji Women’s. A Ski that likely needs no introduction. Its been a progressive evolution of the original 4FRNT EHP pro model. Dominates awkward, mix conditions with ease and pivots and smears effortlessly with it Reflex Tech Rocker. The Hoji W is new this year, and is pretty much the same as the Hoji, because, well, Badass Ladies need a Badass ski too! Regular $799.99, on sale for $599.99.

Shop for it here - 4FRNT HOJI

Shop for it here - 4FRNT HOJI W

The Armada JJ is truly an iconic ski. If easy is fun, that the JJ is more fun than those little cars the Shriners drive in parades…Google it if you have to. Conceived in 2006, with this years ski adding a tad more stability in the high speed department, but retaining the playfulness of previous models. In short, this years JJ is the best one yet! The Oprah approved VJJ returns with the same updates as the JJ, in fact, to let you in on a little secret, they are the same ski! Regular $724.99, on sale for $679.99.

Shop for it here - Armada JJ

Shop for it here - Armada VJJ

With a shape inspired by the varied terrain of in bounds skiing, the Armada ARV Ti is a force to be reckoned with. 133mm, 97mm, 123mm what a winning hand.  Built with a Laminate Matrix, AR50 Sidewall and 1.7mm impact edges, this ski is truly a Brick House.

Shop for it here - Armada ARV Ti

The Line Supernatural Series. Three models, with 3 waist widths; 100mm, 108mm and 115mm. For a total combined waist width of 323mm. Hmmm, lets continue...
                                                                                                                                                                      The Supernatural 115 is the most hard charging ski of the bunch, but has enough sidecut and tip and tail rocker to make it pretty manageable in lousy snow or awkard situations. Regular $ 769.99, on sale for $599.99.
Mathematically, the Supernatural 108 appears to be the winner, and for some folks it is. With enough width and tip/tail rocker to handle the deepest days, but enough torsional stiffness and sidecut to ginsu groomers to shreds. Regular $719.99, on sale for $599.99.
The Supernatural 100 is about as “frontside” as we get at Straight Line. But don’t be fooled, this thing rips…hard. They GS like a race ski, but still have the versatility to handle the “Off Piste” as some say. Regular $669.99, on sale for $529.99

Shop for it here - Line Supernatural 115

Shop for it here - Line Supernatural 108

Shop for it here - Line Supernatural 100

With way over a decade of ski design experience, Eric Pollard knows what’s up. It certainly shows in the latest Opus. Smooth and playful, but with just enough beef to handle firm conditions that some may think are far beyond this skis scope. Oh yeah, and once again, it has an awesome topsheet! Regular $749.99, on sale for $649.99.

Shop for it here - Line Opus

Ski without poles? Wear your goggle strap under your helmet? Look no further, you’re here. The Line Chronic takes the park to the Mountain. We wanted to put it on sale for $420, but couldn’t handle the irony. Regular $549.99, on sale for $419.99.  So seriously, what's with the goggle strap under the helmet?

Shop for it here - Line Chronic

With sizes for the whole family, the Line Mastermind is sure to please! Huh?
Built to handle what you can dish out in the park, the Mastermind is a great deal at $369.99, but even better when its on sale for $299.99!  We suggest you buy a super long Thuggie with your savings.

Shop for it here - Line Mastermind

I’m on a boat! Boat haul tech that is! Actually Atomic calls it HRZN TECH, it increases the surface area of the tip & tail by %10 without adding any unwanted weight. With Carbon Sprocket Power Boosters, tip to tail, you’ll be boosting like nobodies business! With no offense to the ladies intended, Atomic also makes this in a Big Man SIZE, 192cm, which is awesome!

Shop for it here - Atomic Bentchetler

Laying ruts in the groomers, slayin’ the pow and generally Slapin’ tha Bass Mon! the Atomic Automatic 109 can do it all. The 109 might be the biggest sleeper on our ski wall, this thing rips! Regular $649.99, on sale for $529.99.
In a slightly more compact package, the 102 takes things a little more casually. A better choice for a smoother, less aggressive skier. Regular $599.99, on sale for $469.99.

Shop for it here - Atomic Automatic 102

Shop for it here - Atomic Automatic 109